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Fencing Company Analyzes Fence Costs in Blog Post

Fridley, MN - Northland Fence recently published a blog post discussing the cost of privacy fences. Many kinds of privacy fences exist that fit all privacy and yard needs someone might have. However, with the many options, homeowners might wonder how much a privacy fence will cost. Most fence installation professionals, including Northland Fence, will provide quotes for the final cost of the fence footage. The average is around $25 per foot of fence, with the cheaper end around $14 and the expensive end around $36. These fence prices may change with inflation.

“If you want to try and calculate the total cost of the specifics of your private fence, there are a few things you need to do. Measure the area of your yard that you are hoping to enclose with a fence. Look at the material, height, and style of the fence you are looking at. Then, look at the permit requirements for your town and the potential cost of professional labor. Add that all together,” the blog post states.

Many factors can determine the overall cost of a fence. These may include height, additives, permits, and fencing material. When one has a taller fence, it means one will have to use more materials. More materials mean a higher cost. When it comes to privacy fences, this is often a significant factor as they need to be taller to prevent people from seeing over them and to stop intruders from physically climbing over them. Additives like a gate can be seen as necessities when designing one's fenced-in area. However, they sometimes increase the costs due to the extra materials or hardware needed. Permits can also impact the overall price of the fence depending on one’s local government's requirements when constructing a fence.

Different fencing materials can also have different price points. For example, on average, vinyl fences cost around $2,000 and $6,000, with the average cost of installing a vinyl fence being $28 per linear foot. The total cost would be the length of one's fence times 28. Vinyl fences typically come in sizes of 4 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet tall, and the size of the fence can also play a role in how much the privacy fence will be. They also come in different designs and colors, which may have different costs.

Wrought iron fences cost around $2,000 and $4,000 on average, or about $30 per linear foot of fence. Many homeowners enjoy the aesthetic appeal of wrought iron fences and will add spades, curved bars, or custom post caps, which will often increase the price of these fences. However, wrought iron fences are cheaper than cast iron fences, making them more appealing for those looking for a more affordable option when it comes to the cast iron aesthetic appeal.

Chain-link fences are the cheapest form of fence and run around $23 per linear foot. They are great for those looking for a simple and functional fence, but they are not the most aesthetically pleasing and are not recommended for those with pets or children as they may get hurt by the linked wires. High-end chain-link fences may come with a thick layer of aluminum or vinyl coating, leading to a longer lifespan, but they often cost more.

“One of the biggest ways to save money when installing a fence is to do it yourself rather than hiring a professional. However, while this may be a big benefit at the time, often it leads to the need to hire a professional later in the fence life anyways to correct mistakes,” the blog post continues.

Northland Fence has been family-owned and family-focused since 2004. This local family-owned and family-oriented business has all its employees in-house and paid year-round. They even work during the off-season, ensuring people can get their fences when they want them. They also offer a lifetime warranty on vinyl and a 15-year warranty on all other materials. There is also a 10-year labor warranty on everything. Northland Fence always has supplies in stock, and they never have hidden fees.

Northland Fence has been family-owned and family-focused since 2004. For more information, visit their website or call them at 763-316-4881.


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