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When We Die Pursues Answers: What Happens After Death

US based When We Die is reaching out to anyone who may be looking for an explanation of what happens to a person after they pass on. The organization hopes to help people come to grips with their own mortality and understand that what they may believe is the end could, in fact, be a new beginning. Learn more about their investigation here:

The questions regarding a person’s demise are often considered to be a rather grim subject, notes When We Die, especially since certain beliefs may subjectively be more poignant than others. Some, for instance, believe in some form of reincarnation, wherein their souls return to the mortal plane as a new human being or even some other type of life form. On the other side of the spectrum, some believe that death is more final and there is no ‘continuation’ after death.

With so many opinions, When We Die points out that they cannot all be correct. As such, there must be one answer that stands out, and the organization believes that the first step in this search must always be an honest exploration of an individual’s own ideas.

“Don’t follow what everyone else says,” advises When We Die. “The question of our existence and what happens when we die is incredibly personal, even if it applies to each and every one of us. Don’t let anyone tell you what to think or how to ask questions. You simply have to start your own journey and answer yourself as honestly as possible while also listening to truths that are presented.”

To help people take this all-important first step, When We Die is running a poll that anyone in the community can participate in — and the organization makes poll results available to all the moment after they make their vote. The answers provided by participants are intriguing, and they may describe how people largely feel about the issue of death, an afterlife and so on. Many will undoubtedly agree with the option that received the most votes, but it may come as a surprise which seemed to be the least popular among voters.

Naturally, an individual’s acknowledgement of their beliefs and how they feel about death is only the beginning of their journey to understanding and acceptance, and When We Die recognizes that this can be a challenging process to undergo. The organization says they are ready and willing to talk to anyone who would like to explore the subject further, no matter what their expectations of the afterlife may be.

While beliefs surrounding the period after death come in all varieties, there is one prominent conclusion that can be drawn from the data When We Die has gathered: the vast majority of people believe in life after death. This is evident across myriad backgrounds, cultures, faiths and so on. However, many who share this belief may also not have explored the idea and further, giving no thought to what they can do in such an afterlife or how they may prepare for it before they pass on.

“As beautiful as life is, it is often fleeting and prone to loss,” observes When We Die. “We may be happily going about our lives in one moment and then gone the next due to unforeseeable circumstances. We all want to live to a ripe old age and pass in our sleep, but this is unfortunately not the case. This means we have to accept that our last hour may arrive at any moment, so it is in our best interests to give it some thought — at the very least.”

When We Die believes they can help people face the question of the afterlife and reach a satisfactory conclusion that helps them create a more fulfilling existence today. A little knowledge can go a long way, and When We Die is keen to share everything they have found with the community.

The organization’s official poll can be found on its website, along with advice on other steps an individual may take on their quest to find answers. When We Die also encourages interested parties to get in touch via email.


For more information about When We Die, contact the company here:

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