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National Fidelity Financial Is Offering Risk-Free Debt Settlement Services To Struggling Americans

National Fidelity Financial, a Melbourne, Florida-based financial services company, is offering debt settlement services to its clients in 35 states across the United States.

Currently, Americans from all walks of life owe a combined total of more than $1 trillion in unsecured debt. For many, the more they wait for the situation to resolve itself, the deeper they sink into the quagmire of uncertainty and trepidation. So, those suffering from an increasing burden of debt have a few choices they can opt for, namely debt consolidation, filing bankruptcy, or, as National Fidelity Financial recommends, enrolling in a debt settlement program.

“If you are not being proactive at taking back charge of your financial life, you are only prolonging the inevitable,” says the spokesperson for National Fidelity Financial. “With a debt settlement program, you can get out of debt quickly and potentially avoid the need for filing bankruptcy.”

National Fidelity Financial’s debt settlement services allow individuals and families to shave years off their debt repayment schedule. The company’s experts assess each client’s situation to determine which of its programs are best suited to their needs, work with them to create a financial plan, and even negotiate with the creditors on their behalf.

The spokesperson explains, “We want you to know that you have options, and we have the expertise to identify which debt solution works best for your particular situation. Most importantly, we have the esteemed relationships with creditors needed to make it happen for you.”

National Fidelity Financial can help its clients with several types of debt including credit card debt, hospital and medical bills, vehicles in repossession, accounts in collections, unsecured debt including private student and personal, unsecured personal lines of credit, gas cards, overdue rent, and past due utility bills.

However, the company cannot legally get involved with certain kinds of debt including lawsuits, IRS debt, taxes, auto, secured debts, household utility bills, mortgages, government debt, and government-backed student debt, the last of which can be consolidated to lower monthly payments.

Working with National Fidelity Financial is as easy as starting the application process with one of its consultants. Individuals or business owners struggling with unsecured debt are urged to apply regardless of their credit rating. The application is then examined by the company’s trained and certified financial experts who also perform a debt challenges assessment.

If approved, clients will work one-on-one with their team throughout the entire process including subsequent negotiations with creditors. The process is entirely risk-free for the applicant until the debt solution is presented and agreed upon by both parties.

National Fidelity Financial is an industry leader in providing debt management and debt settlement solutions. The company, which works in full compliance with the Federal Trade Commission and is an Accredited Member of the American Association for Debt Resolution, boasts an unrivaled debt settlement process for anyone who has $10,000 or more in unsecured debt.

Over the years, it has received several 5-star reviews from clients who praise National Fidelity Financial for the considerate advice from its knowledgeable staff, expertise with debt settlement services, and responsive customer service.

A recent review says, “I very much enjoyed working with the employees of National Fidelity Financial. They were very kind and informative and understood the interruptions I had when working on their applications. Would recommend them to anyone.”

Another client writes, “The program sounds great, and is exactly what I've been looking for. I was in search of something that would help me get out of the situation that I found myself falling deeper and deeper into, then I received a letter from National. One phone call and I was more than interested in the opportunity National provides.”

Readers can get in touch with National Fidelity Financial at 888-899-0034 or to request a consultation.


For more information about National Fidelity Financial, contact the company here:

National Fidelity Financial
Mike Ainbinder
930 S Harbor City Blvd, Ste 401
Melbourne, FL 32901


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