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LASIK Surgery Encouraged For Macon Patients

Macon, Georgia based Eisner Laser Center is reaching out to their local community to explain LASIK surgery and the procedures involved for local patients. Eisner Laser Center is headed by Dr. Richard Eisner, the leading authority in laser vision in Central Georgia. The Center is committed to making vision correction procedures available to everyone in Georgia.

As Eisner Laser Center explains, LASIK is a type of surgery which uses a laser to treat vision problems caused by refractive errors. To see clearly, light rays need to travel through the cornea and lens, which then refract the light so it lands on the retina. When there is a refractive error, it means that the shape of either the cornea or lens prevents light from bending properly. Subsequently, light does not reach the retina properly, thus causing blurry vision. LASIK corrects the shape of the cornea or lens as needed to fix this issue.

Since the first LASIK procedure was performed nearly two decades ago, more than 14 million procedures have been performed in the United States alone. As a result, the procedure has earned a well-deserved spot as the number one choice worldwide to reduce or eliminate dependance on glasses or contact lenses. The procedure can treat low to high amounts of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

According to Dr. Richard Eisner, LASIK is a painless procedure with a quick recovery period for most patients. There are no needles involved — only a drop of numbing agent on the cornea to prevent pain — and the whole procedure consists of two steps. In the first step, a corneal flap is created (a hinged tissue layer that is lifted up). At Eisner Laser Center, this step is performed with unmatched precision using a computer-guided laser beam, thanks to the revolutionary laser technology called Intralase. Flaps can be custom designed based on the unique parameters of a patient’s eye. Intralase offers the safest and most precise process of flap creation in the world today.

Step two is the actual correction stage where an excimer laser treatment to adjust the patient’s vision. The excimer laser fires a cool, invisible beam, with the average treatment time ranging from 15 to 45 seconds, and there is no pain for the patient. The excimer laser allows more precision than ever thought possible. One pulse of the beam removes 0.25 microns of corneal tissue. Once the correction is done, the flap is smoothed down and will attach by itself within 2 to 3 minutes. It will heal in place.

Patients can then return to their day-to-day life almost immediately. LASIK requires minimal rest and recovery. In fact, most patients will notice an improvement in vision without glasses even on the night of their surgery, and functional vision usually returns within 24 to 48 hours after the procedure.

Patients who have had procedures done at Eisner Laser Center have nothing but praise for Dr. Richard Eisner and his team. Cindy H. writes in her review, “From the day I scheduled my appointment for my consultation to the day I went for my follow up after surgery, every staff member was welcoming and so informative. I had questions and was a bit of a skeptic, but they answered all my questions and reassured me. To say the experience was life changing is truly an understatement. Hands down, the best financial decision I’ve ever made. Give them a chance, you won’t be disappointed.”

In another review, Richie K. says, “I had my right eye corrected by Dr. Eisner on a Thursday, and my vision has improved tremendously as of Monday. I hate waiting so long to get this done. It’s well worth the money. The procedure was painless, and I had very minor discomfort from immobilizing the eye. The process was quick, and I listened to the assistant regarding the post instructions for a good recovery. My wife is seriously thinking about getting it done.”

Macon residents who are looking for a reputable laser vision surgeon or simply want to learn more about Eisner Laser Center and the range of services they provide should visit the clinic’s website. Dr. Richard Eisner invites interested parties to get in touch with him directly via email or phone for any questions or concerns they may have about laser eye surgery.


For more information about Eisner Laser Center, contact the company here:

Eisner Laser Center
Dr. Richard Eisner
(478) 405-2020
125 Plantation Centre Dr S #250, Macon, GA 31210


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