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Top 5 Fundraising Strategies For Non-Profits

Washington, District of Columbia, United States - 02-06-2023 (PR Distribution™) -

Strategy is virtually all that matters when it comes to raising funds; top non-profits are not oblivious of this. For one, it is through the right strategies they can have a smooth-flowing campaign. Secondly, non-profits can look forward to raising more revenue upon employing the most appropriate strategies. There are several strategies non-profits can adopt for fundraising, but we shall examine the top five (5) strategies here. So, read on to grasp what we've got for you.

  • Use Multiple Giving Options – Text, Mobile App And Online Donations
    Technology is one of the best things that have happened to fundraising, and it is only logical for non-profit operators to explore it exceedingly. These technological tools ensure the convenience of your donors and even make the whole fundraising process easy for you. Integrating multiple giving options into your fundraising campaigns is a good way to do this.

    Fundraisers have utilized online donations to good advantage. To set this up, they will have a donation form created for prospective donors to complete. The link to the donation form or page can be ultimately shared across various online platforms. Again, you can also use a mobile giving app to collect funds from people – who are ready to give to your cause. Mobile giving apps will be particularly good where many donors give recurrently.

    The simplest form of giving these days is the text-to-give option. This (text-to-give) can easily register as a donation-collection method and a fundraising model. It enables people to donate by texting a shortcode and a specific amount [of money] through their mobile phones. Using all these together for your fundraising drive will ensure you're limited in your approach. 

  • Create An Avenue For Recurring Donations

    You won't be able to force the hands of donors to make recurring donations – that is not even advisable. However, you can be strategic about the whole thing and watch people commit more to your cause without being desperate. It would be best if you considered making it easy for prospective donors to send in their contributions. Imagine if a person gets fascinated by how convenient it is to donate through text-to-give. 

    This could make them give without delay at other times – whenever they feel the nudge. Your communication strategy will also be key to driving recurring donations. How [you may ask]? Simply by providing a routine progress report on how close – or otherwise – you are to reaching your fundraising goal. You can appreciate the donors and show them the percentage [of funds] raised thus far.

  • Organize An Event
    Organizing fundraising events is another effective strategy to raise more funds. To an extent, such events will give your non-profit organization more prominence. This comes on the back of increased visibility and awareness that your brand can command as people – that is, prospective donors – meet up. 

    More often than not, fundraisers organize these events around some unique giving days like Giving Tuesday, Giving Season, etc. This is a way of driving more traffic to the event – some promotional measure. But it does not always have to be this way. Some fundraisers or non-profits do not fancy waiting until those moments before their fundraising events. So, they get to fix it for other days as they believe there are fewer distractions.

    It's important to state here that organizing a fundraising event is not really cumbersome. You can host the event online, at some physical location, or even as a hybrid event. Again, you can engage the services of a top fundraising platform to assist you with the planning and management of the event. Among the fundraising events that have given non-profits great returns are silent auctions, fundraising galas, give-it-up challenges, 5K races, art shows and dance marathons, to mention just a few.

  • Seek Corporate Partnership 
    Top non-profit organizations have learnt to leverage corporate partnerships to gain more edge. While some already have local companies they look up to during their fundraising drives, others will stop at nothing to seal new partnership deals with these companies. And the truth is most of these partners can be quite helpful in many ways – not just the monetary aspect alone.

    There have been instances where, for instance, restaurants offered their services free of charge or at a reduced price to non-profits as they host certain (fundraising) events. Again, stores can provide some of their products at subsidized rates only for non-profits to sell them at standard or higher prices to raise funds. These are just some openings wherein you can make the most of growing your revenue as a non-profit.

    And it gets even more interesting to note that a couple of companies take it upon themselves to do matching gift drives during special giving seasons/periods. They will get to encourage employees to partake in this drive with the aim of matching the employees' efforts using a predetermined ratio. The bottom line of all this (discourse) is that you should not undermine the importance of partnering with corporate bodies for your fundraising campaigns.   

  • Always Show Gratitude
    Many non-profit organizations may simply show gratitude to "fulfil all righteousness". But the expression of gratitude can register as a viable fundraising strategy. You shouldn't use this avenue to make an additional ask from those that have donated to the cause. You have to be cautious about your use of words in this regard. 

    At first, you should help the donors see how valuable their donations have been and then give a progress report. This detailed "Thank You" message can come after the single "Thank You" line was sent out immediately after the donation was completed. 

    This singular act puts you in the 'good books' of the donors. Plus, a rapport can be developed through such communication, and some donors can become recurrent givers based on this. 

Final thought

Non-profits making good waves are virtually those that adopted high fundraising strategies. You don't have to be left out if you're already in the top rung. You can definitely see a great difference in your fundraising activities after implementing some of the strategies discussed here.     

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