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Fundraising Training For Non-Profit Board Members

Washington, District of Columbia, United States - 02-06-2023 (PR Distribution™) -

Top non-profit organizations know how impactful the involvement of every (organizational) arm can be in actualizing their fundraising goal. It's about having all hands on deck to ensure the biggest gain. Against this backdrop, a non-profit organization can train its workforce and board members. 

We have, however, elected to write this article to hint at the training of non-profit board members. More often than not, these board members have connections to people that can make large donations to your non-profit. With the right training, your board members should be able to bring in some good returns. 

Means Of Training Non-Profit Board Members

Some resources will be required as training materials for your board members to explore and become better at fundraising. This section is put forward to discuss these resources briefly.

  1. Nonprofit Blogs
    Blog posts on non-profit or fundraising activities can be a viable training resource, and you can share them with your board members. You will come across several blog posts on the virtual space. Some of these posts are written by veteran fundraisers passionate about sharing their experiences with others. So, your board members can ultimately learn from the experiences of these veterans to hone their fundraising skills.

    Optionally, fundraising platforms usually endeavour to furnish site visitors with informative posts to drive engagement. The link to such posts can be shared with your board members to assimilate the content therein. You will find topics on various aspects of fundraising detailedly treated in most of these blog posts. 

    Your board members can extract the information and ideas communicated in the post for use later in the nearest future. That said, the onus will be on you to ensure that the training [through the blog posts] follows a structured path. In line with this, you have to identify the blog posts that your board members should follow per time. You can see this in the same vein as creating a curriculum design or lesson plan. 

  2. Nonprofit Webinars
    Webinars are also great for your board members' training needs. These instructional videos are carefully prepared to deliver sound fundraising knowledge to participants. You must, however, be intentional about selecting top-quality nonprofit webinars for the viewing and learning pleasure of your board members.

    For one, some webinars aim to teach people on rudiments of fundraising models like peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, grant funding, and so on. 

    Also, webinars on donor management and the use of social media to advance fundraising causes can be found on many fundraising platforms. Your board members can yet learn a couple of things about the operations management of non-profits through webinars.

    You will find the recordings from previous live webinars readily available on these platforms. And virtually all these recordings can be freely accessed on their websites. 

    Nonetheless, you can look out for upcoming live webinars for your board members to get trained on the latest developments in the fundraising industry. Some fundraising platforms make it easy for teams from the same non-profit to sign up for such webinars – at a subsidized price.

  3. Nonprofit Board Retreats
    Non-profit board retreats can be a good time for (board) members to get together, but they can be used for training. Members can discuss the ups and downs of fundraising or operations they have encountered in a close setting. Your board members can eventually learn one or more things from such group conversations. But it's essential to ensure that negative or untested opinions/submissions do not fly.

    More importantly, you can invite a guest speaker – preferably a fundraising expert – to give a talk during the board retreat. Again, it would be best if you asked your speaker to take time to train your board members in some significant areas of fundraising or non-profit operations you feel they may be lacking.  The Q & A section should be allowed for board members to clarify certain things.   

  4. Fundraising Workshop
    Fundraising workshops stand out as another means through which your board members can get the needed training. These workshops are majorly designed as courses, and participants are taught about different techniques, models, and resources used in the fundraising sector. Additionally, workshops present opening for your board members to meet with some industry experts.

    They can even grow their network by attending a series of fundraising workshops. Your board members will surely not be lagging as per emerging trends as they consistently partake in different workshops. 

    Often, participants of fundraising workshops are given a certification of participation/completion to further recognize them.

    Fundraising workshops are usually flexible and may take a couple of weeks to complete. The duration will probably be determined by how comprehensive or detailed the courses to be covered are. 

    Plus, it is possible for your board members to attend these workshops from their convenience since they can be done online. They may need to devote about 2–4 hours to it every week – over a couple of weeks.

  5. Nonprofit Conferences
    Non-profit conferences are usually loaded as there are several activities, and they can be held for some days. In the line-up of events are sessions and workshops through which different facilitators will disseminate valuable information/insights. More so, non-profit conferences create rooms for participants – fundraisers, to be more precise – to network and even share new ideas. 

    And in case you're considering a non-profit conference that your board members can attend, you can check out the Association of Fundraising Professionals International Conference. This conference is a perfect networking opportunity, and you can be sure that your board members will come back highly informed. 

    Another conference is the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference, where different P2P fundraising tips are discussed. However, if you're looking to bring your board members up to speed with technological interventions in fundraising, then the Non-profit Technology Conference is not one to miss. There is no shortage of options if it's about non-profit conferences to train your board members. 


Training is undeniable in human development; this doesn't exempt your non-profit board members. With the right resources or setup, your board members will not only learn about the latest trends in the industry but also turn the fortune of your organization around in a quick time. You should, therefore, not be reluctant about encouraging them to invest their time in training – through any of the means above.

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