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VRLA Batteries: The Unsung Heroes Powering Critical Infrastructure

VRLA batteries represent a big lead forward in battery technology, offering a more reliable and maintenance-free source of power and forming the backbone of modern power storage solutions.

The world is being consumed by electrical applications and the demand for efficient and safe energy storage solutions is higher than ever before. One UK-based company - Euro Energy - has identified the need to move away from traditional battery technology and adopt a new approach for powering critical infrastructure. It has become a pioneering force in the distribution of VRLA Batteries and believes that these batteries hold the technology capable of enhancing modern power storage solutions and laying the foundations for a more productive future. 

VRLA Batteries Explained

VRLA stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid and these batteries are also known as SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries. They feature a sealed-off design to prevent electrolytes from leaking and harness the power of AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) to separate positive and negative plates. This effectively becomes a way of holding the electrolyte and keeping it close to the plates on either side. 

The “valve-regulated” part of the battery comes from a built-in valve that’s designed to regulate pressure inside the battery. When it gets too high, the valve opens to release some of this pressure and disperse excess gases generated through charging the batteries. It’s an innovative design in power storage as it prevents overcharging and greatly reduces battery maintenance. 

Leading The Way in Modern Power Storage Solutions

Euro Energy was one of the first companies to recognise the potential of VRLA batteries compared to other types. These batteries have almost zero maintenance to worry about when compared to regular lead-acid batteries. The sealed nature means maintenance isn’t a constant worry - and this is largely thanks to the batteries also being leak-proof. As a consequence, a VRLA battery is a lot safer than other battery types thanks to the lack of leaks and the internal pressure-regulating system. More safety features are built in as well to avoid common problems like short-circuiting. 

This all leads to a battery with incredible capabilities across a field of modern applications. Euro Energy believes VRLA batteries are the future for both small and large-scale applications. From uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for homes and offices to grander projects like huge industrial solutions, healthcare, telecommunications, renewable energy movements and more. 

In a world that’s dominated by electricity and so dependent on reliable and safe power sources, VRLA batteries offer something new and different. The technology continues to get better through companies like Euro Energy constantly pushing the boundaries and developing improved batteries. There’s no telling how much potential these batteries have - but one thing’s for sure, VRLA batteries are here to stay. 

About Euro Energy

Incorporated in 1981, Euro Energy has designed, built and supplied custom battery packs, battery charges and battery test equipment to a wide range of industries. It is the number one supplier of Medical Batteries to the NHS throughout the UK and works with big companies across a diversity of sectors. 

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