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Attend DL Walker's Workshop on Resolving Foot Problems Naturally

Unlock the Power of Corrective Functional Treatment to resolve pain and avoid surgery using The Walker Treatment Method™

International award-winning best-selling author, renowned Corrective Functional Therapist, educator, and Healthcare management consultant  Deborah L (DL) Walker Goetz, BS, MS., Ed. PT is inviting individuals who may be suffering from foot pain as well as health professionals to attend her online workshop on Resolving Foot Problems Naturally Using Corrective Functional Foot Treatment, which will be held online on May 22nd at 7 pm EDT at With over 35 years of experience in health care, DL’s expertise in identifying the root cause of problems and providing comprehensive solutions has earned her a reputation as a trusted health consultant and educator. DL is so passionate about getting this information out to the world that she is offering this event for a contribution ranging from $1-$11 USD.

“The foot is like the foundation of our house; when the foundation is misaligned or unstable, the house lacks resilience and stability,” states DL Walker. This same principle applies to the feet; when the foot isn’t functioning right, it will affect not only the foot but the entire body: knees, hips, lower back, balance, walking, sometimes even the neck and shoulder,” states DL Walker. “Through my workshop, we will delve into the depths of The Walker Treatment Method™, a comprehensive functional approach that empowers individuals to resolve foot problems naturally, without painful surgery or invasive procedures.” 

DL’s post-professional coursework is accredited for Continuing Education internationally, and she has taught professionals in various fields, including Physical Therapists (physios), Podiatrists, Pedorthists, and Athletic and Personal Trainers. With a passion for empowering individuals to learn the tools necessary for recovery and optimal health, her workshops, online programs, professional coursework, and consulting work support this mission, bringing her joy and fueling her desire to share her knowledge and wisdom. Learn more at

One of the unique aspects of DL’s work is her utilization of myofascial release techniques that address all three human motion planes; traditional massage addresses only 2. Additionally, her innovative method focuses on stabilization and functional movement patterns that mimic the demands of sport and everyday life. Her powerful release techniques and specific realignment systems include using a variety of therapeutic tapes and neuromuscular facilitation reinforcing methods, allowing for the rebalancing of the body, mind, and energy. During the 2-hour interactive workshop, DL will present these concepts and techniques live, sharing the many possible options for healing. DL Walker reflects upon this concept, stating, “The more options that you have, the greater your odds of success.”

DL has earned degrees in Physical Therapy, Fitness/Cardiac Rehab, and Exercise Science. Post professionally she has completed advanced certifications in Functional Manual Therapy, Health Coaching, and Energy Medicine. DL is passionate about identifying all potential underlying causes of pain and assists individuals through undoing symptomatology while optimizing function. This has made her sought-after in the industry. Using powerful diagnostic and treatment techniques, such as Diagnostic Functional Evaluation™ and The Walker Treatment Method™, DL’s strategy focuses on correcting the root causes of health problems rather than just managing the symptoms. This approach has helped countless individuals recover from a wide range of health conditions, from bunions to balance issues.

 As an educator at heart, DL has trained alongside other therapists for sports organizations such as the WTA, the X Games, The Washington Generals, and the PGA. Personally, she has treated professional and Olympic Athletes as well as professional dancers and celebrities.

DL continues developing new healing strategies, honing her clinical skills, teaching, coaching, consulting, and creating courses to help people heal from sole to soul. By learning from one of the industry’s experts, individuals who attend DL’s workshop can expect to gain valuable insights into Corrective Functional Foot Treatment and discover ways to uncover the potential source of pain and improve quality of life. For more information or to contact DL, please visit 

About DL Walker:

Deborah L. Walker Goetz, BS, MS, Ed., and PT, is a renowned educator and an award-winning international best-selling author specializing in non-surgical foot and ankle treatment. With over 35 years of experience in healthcare, she holds two Bachelor of Science degrees, a Master’s in Education, and advanced certifications in Functional Manual Therapy, Health Coaching, and Energetic Medicine. 

DL’s expertise lies in identifying the root causes of problems and developing comprehensive solutions to optimize function and alleviate symptomatology as quickly as possible. She employs powerful diagnostic and treatment techniques, including Diagnostic Functional Evaluation™ and The Walker Treatment Method™, allowing for root cause correction and more effective symptom management. 

About The Walker Treatment Method™:

The Walker Treatment Method™ was created by DL Walker for Physical Therapists, Podiatrists, Pedorthists, Athletic and Personal Trainers, as well as the public. The method uses release, realignment, rebalancing, and reinforcement applied body, mind, and energy allowing a comprehensive treatment method for diagnoses and dysfunctions ranging from bunions to balance.

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