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The decision to add a furry friend to the family is exciting for everyone. However, future dog owners have a responsibility to buy puppies from responsible breeders that can guarantee the pup's health and prove that they follow industry best practices. Read on to find out how to find a healthy puppy for sale and avoid scammers, puppy mills, and the genetic and behavioral problems that often come from poor breeding practices.

Why it Matters

Nobody likes animal abuse, but according to, finding reputable breeders is about more than just making sure the animals are cared for. Puppies that come from disreputable breeders who don't care about animal welfare are more likely to have major behavioral and health problems due to poor breeding practices. In a worst-case scenario, that could mean serious health problems that require thousands of dollars in treatment and could end in heartache for the dog's new family. Even in a best-case scenario, it usually means significant behavioral problems due to inadequate socialization.

What to Look For in a Breeder

As an Indiana Senate Bill advances that would protect the retail sale of puppies and kittens, it becomes ever more important to pay close attention to breeding practices. That's part of why experts recommend visiting a breeder's facility before purchasing a puppy from them. Finding out where the dog was born and raised can help to ensure it will have a happy, healthy future as long as prospective buyers know what to look for. As a general rule, responsible dog breeders will:

Encourage home visits

Keep dogs in clean, comfortable spaces

Have enough room for keeping multiple dogs

Breed sparingly and produce limited litters

Show individual records of vet visits for both puppies and their parents

Of course, not all puppy buyers have time to make multiple home visits. They still have the option of working with a reputable organization such as Pawrade that vets breeders carefully and ensures the health of every puppy. Organizations like this one are committed to avoiding and taking an active stance against puppy mills. Working with an organization that maintains the highest standards for its breeders is a good way for future puppy parents to make responsible choices but still get access to the greatest possible number of dogs to choose from.

How to Spot a Sick Puppy

Sometimes, despite their best efforts, buyers still wind up with sick puppies on their hands. New owners can find out more about breed-specific health concerns online, but some warning signs apply to all dogs. Sick puppies are often lethargic, and they may have low appetites or even trouble keeping food down. Puppy owners should also look for signs of external and internal parasites like itching and diarrhea.

Take the Time to Make an Informed Decision

Before buying a new puppy, future dog owners should do some research. They should learn about breed-specific behavioral and health predispositions and find a seller that is committed to ensuring good breeding practices. Taking these steps before purchase is the best way to wind up with a happy, healthy puppy that will be an asset to its human family for years to come.


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