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SmartMetric says its Gen4 Self Powered Biometric Finger Scan Card Is Perfectly Designed to Meet the Needs of the 518 Million Credit Cards Issued in the United States

SmartMetric, Inc. (OTC: SMME) A fingerprint scan credit card is a type of biometric card that uses a built-in fingerprint scanner to verify the identity of the cardholder when they try to make a payment. This technology is designed to enhance the security and convenience of credit card transactions, especially for contactless payments as well as standard contact payments and ATM transactions.

Better protection of your data: Unlike PINs, fingerprint data is encrypted and is only stored in the card, bypassing the need for a central database connected to the internet, protecting a card user’s sensitive data from hackers1. Additionally, the technology safeguards against duplicated 2D and rubber fingerprints because it requires electrical capacitive sensing. In addition, the SmartMetric biometric credit/debit card has an inbuilt hardware based live fingerprint detection created by SmartMetric and only available on the SmartMetric biometric credit/debit card.

Even more convenience: Credit cards save consumers time and allow them to pay quickly. With a fingerprint scan credit card, you don’t need to remember or enter a PIN, which can speed up the checkout process and reduce the risk of forgetting or losing your PIN. At the moment the card issuing brands such as Visa and Mastercard are not proposing to eliminate the use of a PIN with a biometric card. Discussion in Europe by Banking regulators is actively talking about the doing away with the widely accepted “insecure” PIN when users use a fingerprint scan credit/debit card. Credit card networks already have the ability to turn off PIN usage which they do for some low-cost transactions such as buying a coffee. Logic would have it as biometric credit cards proliferate non-PIN usage will expand without restriction to fingerprint biometric scan cards.

Works with existing POS infrastructure: SmartMetric fingerprint scan credit cards are compatible with existing point-of-sale terminals that accept chip or contactless payments, so merchants don’t need to invest in new equipment or software to accept them. However, more recent players who are trying to test reader powered finger scan credit cards that rely on the power from the reader are trapped in having their cards not able to work at most Gas Stations, ATM’s and many restaurants that don’t have portable card readers that are brought to the table.

The stark functional deficits of non-self-powered fingerprint scan credit/debit cards compared to the SmartMetric internally powered ready to use at all times and all situations, fingerprint scan card is best explained in the following.

Non-Self Powered Fingerprint Scan Card

  1. Only works when inserted into a card reader therefore limiting use of the card and not able to be used in all card user situations. These cards rely on the user touching the cards fingerprint sensor while the other end of the card with the contact chip is held in the reader. This allows the card to power the fingerprint scan only through the power from the card reader going into the card. So these cards are limited to readers that only partially insert the card into a reader. Otherwise, they have no power of their own to perform a fingerprint scan. Some of the places these none-powered cards will NOT work in are:
    1. ATM’s that swallow the card whole
    2. Restaurants that do not have a portable card reader but require the card to be taken from the table for transaction processing
    3. Gas station pumps that like ATM’s swallow the card whole
    4. Transit ticket dispensers that swallow the card whole
    5. Parking station ticket machines that swallow the card whole
  2. Non-Self Powered finger scan credit or debit cards require the user to go to a bank branch to have their fingerprint scanned and then transferred onto the card via a secure fingerprint capture device. This is bothersome to the card user. It raises trust issues about having the bank involved in the capture of the user’s fingerprint. For large scale credit issuers that rely on mass mailing of new and replacement credit cards requiring their customers to have to come into a bank branch just will not work.

SmartMetric Self Powered Finger Scan Card

  1. The SmartMetric self-powered finger scan card because it has its own internal rechargeable power, scans the cared user’s finger prior to the card being inserted into a credit card reader. Therefore, the card is able to be used at all existing and types of credit card readers without the stark limitations of the non-self-powered fingerprint scan cards.
  2. The SmartMetric self-powered finger scan card does not require the card user to go into a bank branch to register their fingerprint on the card. Nor does it alternatively need a separate secure card reading device to be sent out to the card user for in home fingerprint download into the card. The SmartMetric finger scan card user simply touches the cards fingerprint sensor four (4) times an instantly their fingerprint is scanned and securely stored inside the card. No user friction. Instant fingerprint capture and store because the card is self-powered and acts immediately as a fingerprint scanner.
  3. Mass credit card issuers who rely on mail distribution for the credit cards need not to change the way they do business. SmartMetric finger scan cards are easily shipped to homes through the mail and without fuss or user friction are easily set up for future card use by the user’s fingerprint.
  4. The SmartMetric self-powered finger scan card works at ALL card readers such as:
    1. ATM’s
    2. Restaurants that take the card from the table to process (user touches the sensor which turns on the card for up to 8 minutes giving the table server enough time to have the card processed)
    3. Gas pumps
    4. Parking ticket vending machines
    5. Transit ticket vending machines

“Because of the limitations of the user and card issuer experience we believe that trials and testing of the non-self-powered cards under way in Europe are doomed to failure. Much like inferior electric vehicles are failing in the market while Tesla continues to grow exponentially with its model Y becoming the biggest selling vehicle globally. Failed poorly thought-out products fail because no one wants them while it doesn’t distract from new innovations success trajectory when the new innovators get the product to align with customers expectations,” said SmartMetric’s President and CEO, Chaya Hendrick.

It has taken years of research and development to perfect the internal power system within the SmartMetric finger scan card. Millions of dollars in research and development have been invested to create the only card of its kind in the world that will work at all card readers. A card that is simple to download your fingerprint into the card at home without the fear and inconvenience of going somewhere else to have your fingerprint scanned and stored into the card.

The SmartMetric finger scan card is light years ahead and brings the reality of full biometric security technology to the ubiquitous credit and debit card world.

Credit cards still dominate the way consumer make payments. Non credit card payments such as phones account for less than 5% of payment transactions while the majority of transactions are done using either a credit or debit card.

According to a report published by Forbes Adviser on March 9, 2023 “Over the past year, nearly half the population (47.5%) opened at least one new account, bringing the total number of accounts to over 518 million by the end of 2022.” 1

The mass market version of the SmartMetric Gen4 biometric credit card is now under manufacture following the successful testing of the cards new and advanced internal operating system on the new card hardware platform.

Currently the card is under manufacture which involves the electronic assembly and separately the cards lamination turning it into a credit card is underway in Asia. The cards internal software including its operating system has been tested by the SmartMetric group of engineers in Tel Aviv, Israel.

“While we have experienced unbelievable challenges and delays, we are very excited about being able to very soon show our finished mass production biometric finger scan card to the world,” said Chaya Hendrick.

We are protected by issued patents in the United States with pending patents in Asia and Europe and other parts of the World.

By far our biggest patent protection revolves around issued design patents granted by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) that grant protection against any product design such as a smart card or credit chip card that has in any one of multiple variations a fingerprint sensor on it. “None of the other biometric card manufacturers who in our opinion are wasting their time with an inferior none self-powered card, will be able to sell such cards in the United States because of the issued patents,” said Chaya Hendrick.

“Design Patents are easily enforced and the owner or licensee of such patents can have offending products seized at a port of entry or at a place of business in the USA without much effort,” said Chaya Hendrick.

Utility patents can take years of legal fighting however design patents are based on does the product look like what is patented in the design patent and if so then it is infringing.

“We are confident that if a Bank in the USA wants to issue biometric finger scan cards in the USA that have a chip and a fingerprint sensor on them, then they will need to deal with SmartMetric,” said Chaya Hendrick.

To view the SmartMetric Biometric Card please follow this link - Video of the SmartMetric Biometric Card.

To view the company website:

1 Credit Card Statistics And Trends 2024 – Forbes Advisor

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