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Innovation in Motion: AAA State of Play Shares Latest Enhancements for Playgrounds Everywhere

INDIANAPOLIS, IN / ACCESSWIRE / May 16, 2024 / Spending time outside isn't just good for kids. It's absolutely critical to their development and well-being. From helping them refine their socialization skills to introducing them to the wonders of the natural world, outdoor adventures provide children with countless benefits. That's why parents and educators are encouraged to take their youngsters to playgrounds.

The only problem? Playgrounds haven't always been welcoming environments for kids with mobility issues and other disabilities. Fortunately, innovative leaders in commercial playground equipment like AAA State of Play are making groundbreaking strides in the creation of safe, durable, and accessible products. Their efforts are moving the needle and enabling kids - all kids - to immerse themselves fully in outside playtime activities.

Addressing a Large Population of Underserved Children

Just how big is the need for adaptive playground solutions? According to the latest available figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly three million kids live with disabilities. They represent more than four percent of the under-18 population.

Though some disabilities do not restrict mobility, many do. For example, children who require the use of wheelchairs or other assistive devices may find it difficult or impossible to interact with standard playground equipment. For them, being able to engage with specially constructed equipment like their peers ensures they can get all the advantages of outdoor play, too. Additionally, it gives them a space to call their own where they feel comfortable, confident, and secure.

Yet many playgrounds lack equipment pieces and structures meant for kids with physical limitations or mobility considerations. And those that do may only have a single item devoted to this underserved market. That's why companies like AAA State of Play are focusing attention on engineering ADA standards-compliant playground options. By partnering with AAA State of Play, schools, recreational parks, municipalities, and nonprofit and commercial entities can make certain their outdoor spaces are well-suited to every young visitor.

Developing Inclusive and Appealing Play Products

Why don't more playground equipment sellers offer an extensive lineup of inclusive and adaptable offerings? To be honest, it takes thoughtful designing - and time - to create inclusive play equipment. It's not enough to simply mimic the look and feel of a product meant for the majority of kids. Adaptive playground solutions incorporate many factors into their creation, such as standard wheelchair widths and heights.

Despite these challenges, AAA State of Play has made its mark as a premier supplier of playground products for kids with physical handicaps. Four of their standout products include swings, "monkey" bar systems, sensory-rich structures, and specialty offerings.

1. Swings built to support

One of the most popular things to do at any playground is visit the swing set. Yet an ordinary swing tends to lack sides or a back. As a result, children who are unable to support themselves can't participate.

AAA State of Play has come out with a variety of swings molded out of sturdy plastic material. The swings echo the appearance of chairs and include harnesses or straps so riders can't slip out. For children who can't easily get out of their wheelchairs, AAA State of Play offers a large platform swing. The swing can handle several hundred pounds of weight and includes an array of safety mechanisms.

2. Bar-style equipment

The traditional "monkey" bar system is off-limits to children in wheelchairs. However, a roll-through arcade gives them the chance to test their coordination - and exercise their upper bodies - in a fun, interactive way.

The arcade is purposefully built for both pulling and scaling. It's no different in many ways from its taller counterpart. Not only does this make it appealing, but it shows that inclusive solutions can be more straightforward than many people might assume.

3. Sensory-rich structures

A visit to a playground or park should activate all the senses. Kids who are not fully mobile can engage with made-for-them structures like an elevated sand and water table. Although the table is at the perfect height for toddlers, it's suitable for kids in wheelchairs as well.

Another sensory-rich item is the learning junction panel. The panel encourages kids to experiment with spelling and math, stirring the mind and the body. Again, all children can use this type of equipment, breaking down any barriers to play.

4. Alternative, specifically created pieces

Some of AAA State of Play's handicap-accessible items are specialty pieces. Take the wheelchair-accessible funhoop. A standalone item, the funhoop encourages imaginative play. Its openings are large enough for any type of ball, allowing kids to make up their own games.

The stationary hand bike is similarly focused toward children who may have difficulty walking or use wheelchairs. With the hand bike, kids can improve the muscles in their arms, shoulders, and backs. When positioned next to an accessible lat pull-down exercise machine, youngsters have their very own outdoor gym.

Making Playtime a Universal Event

Having a relationship with nature is important for kids of all ages and abilities. As they breathe the fresh air and engage in autonomous and team play, they learn essential life skills. At the same time, they experience unique discoveries and make memories they'll cherish forever - no matter what their physical level.

Thanks to leading-edge manufacturers of playground equipment like AAA State of Play, children who are differently abled are getting the outdoor time they need and deserve. It's innovation in motion that's enhancing the lives of kids and families.

About Us: AAA State of Play are leading experts in the playground equipment industry! Their objective is to bring the customer the equipment they want at a price and quality that they deserve. Providing customers with expert knowledge and a love of the industry, AAA State of Play's goal is for the customer to not only be satisfied with the results, but the process. This business revolves around amazing equipment, exceptional service, and dedicated people.


SOURCE: AAA State of Play

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