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        "On Monday June 23, IDEC and Biogen announced a proposed merger of equals. In the week that followed, we and Biogen management had the occasion to visit with many of you and discuss the merger and its strategic rationale. And we have had many phone conversations with you as well.

        Nonetheless, I'd like to reinforce with you today the messages that we have taken to The Street in the past several weeks. And since this is the IDEC Quarterly Call I will focus today mainly on the IDEC perspective.

        Discovery and development of truly novel biologic agents is an increasingly difficult and challenging endeavor. We believe any successful strategy to compete effectively in this sector must include three initiatives: (i) in-house discovery and development; (ii) a program to seek out, cultivate and nurture partnerships where the company can add strategic value to the development of molecules brought in from sources outside the company, and (iii) leadership in enabling technologies in molecular biology, cell-line development, process development, scale-up and commercial-scale manufacturing.

        All three of these initiatives, obviously, require huge investments.

        At IDEC we are able to reinvest something just North of $100 million into R&D—and that will grow as the top line grows.

        Overnight, with the closing of the BIOGEN IDEC merger, we will be able to invest immediately about $550 million per year in R&D. This provides a dramatic acceleration for us in investment to build for 2010 and 2015 and beyond. And let there be no mistake about it: We are here to grow this company and not only in the short term.

        Think about it: By roughly doubling our shares outstanding we can at least quadruple our R&D investment. Seems like a good proposition to us.

        But the story doesn't end here. The question of R&D productivity is not only related to how much you spend but also to how you spend it.

        IDEC is too small to be near the "sweet spot" for R&D investment. As a stand-along company, in the next 3 to 4 years we would have to make major investments in IT systems, quality systems, validations systems, and in G&A that have already been made by Biogen. These investments are readily and cost-effectively transferable to IDEC.

        By avoiding duplicative operating costs and investments in infrastructure we can direct these cash flows into the value-creating activities of discovery research and clinical trials. I am hopeful that as stockholders this is where you would like to see us make our investments.

        In short, not only will we be able at BIOGEN IDEC to invest substantially more in R&D, but we believe we will also be able to invest it more effectively.

        The platform that BIOGEN IDEC will offer in molecular biology, cell line development, process development, scale-up and commercial-scale manufacturing will make the combined company a partner-of-choice for smaller companies unable to develop biologics on their own past Phase II clinical trials. We are planning by 2010 to have half of the products in the development pipeline from in-licensed sources.

        Certainly, in the biologics business any successful strategy must provide the enabling technology, know-how and infrastructure for commercial scale manufacturing. We and Biogen continue to make substantial investments in this area. Through the combination, IDEC can benefit from manufacturing,

quality and IT systems that are already in place in Biogen's operations in Cambridge and in RTP, North Carolina. Again, we avoid costs we would have to expend as a stand-alone.

        Four merger benefits are worth of note in the manufacturing area:

        1.     Following the merger IDEC will be able to wind down operations at its decade-old Torreyana plant. This plant has served us well but will become redundant. The $25 million that is required to operate this plant can be redirected to discovery research and clinical trials.

        2.     We can move Biogen's Antegren into our new commercial scale NIMO plant in Oceanside, CA. and more fully utilize this capacity rather than charging unutilized capacity to the R&D line.

        3.     Our Zevalin can be seamlessly moved from Torreyana into unutilized capacity in RTP.

        4.     Biogen can defer its investment in a new commercial scale plant in Denmark, saving $175 million in capital and operating costs. Essentially, our NIMO in Oceanside takes the place of Biogen's Denmark plant.

        All in all, the combined company will be able to avoid and/or delay nearly $500 million of investments between now and the end of 2007. At the same time we are committed to growing the pipeline organically and through in-licensing initiatives through more effective use of R&D dollars into value creation rather than into duplicative infrastructure. And all the while we will target 20% year-over-year cash EPS growth as a combined entity.

        With that strategic overview of the merger, let me turn the call over to Bill Rohn to recap the quarter for Rituxan and Zevalin."

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